Try a beer seminar at the Wieden Bräu Vienna!

The brewery

The old-Viennese brewery house in Vienna - Wieden has existed since 1991 and has made its mission to brew beer against the prevailing standard taste. A brewmaster from Bavaria ensures that here at the brewery house in the "Waaggasse auf der Wieden" light, malty and natural beers are served. Since different types of malts (depending on beer type) are used and mashed for brewing in the mash tun according to the German Reinheitsgebot, the beer here at the Wieden Bräu is clearly malty, but also lighter than conventional Austrian lager beers. As the beers are only served in the adjoining tavern it is not necessary to filter them after fermentation and storage. You can recognize this type of beer by its natural turbidity which we call a "Zwickl" beer. This natural beer is due to the still existing yeast components, vitamins and trace elements healthier than a filtrated beer.


The beer seminar includes:

  • Basic information of beer production 45-70 minutes
  • Tasting of three different types of house beers ( 0,3 l each )
  • Price per person: 9,- Euro .
  • Max. group size : 20 persons ( bigger groups will be divided )
  • Min. group size : 10 persons
  • Before or after the beer seminar we can offer lunch or dinner
  • Price: Group menus starting from 19 Euro net/pp for a 3 course meal without drinks


Beer, wine and Schnaps-tastings

Austria is quite famous for its desserts, but one shouldn't miss to try our delicious wines from the Wachau Valley, the province of Burgenland or the vineyards in and around Vienna, as well as our home brewed beers and spirits.

BOTROS INCOMING arranges tasting-tours in wine-cellars, breweries or in Vienna's Schnapsmuseum.