BOTROS INCOMING has already successfully organized introductory dancing lessons for beginners as well as for people with some experience and basic skills in dancing. Duration is usually between one and two hours. Our main partner in this is Austria's most traditional dancing school "Elmayer", which is in charge of Vienna's famous State Opera Ball each year in carnival season.


They can also provide us with dancing partners for those groups, that cannot form dancing couples amongst themselves. Another feature is a little show by professional dancers dressed up in white dresses and black tail coats.

We have held these events in such renowned places like the Imperial Palace or the Palais Daun-Kinsky. Another possibility is to use the school's own premises, that is also located in the very heart of Vienna's historic city centre. To add a special note to an event like this there is the option of including it e.g. in a historic city tour as a surprise.

Here is a possible sequence of how such a lesson could look like: After a brief verbal introduction the dancing teacher will show the very simple 6 steps of waltzing to the right. The guests will then stand individually behind the teacher and will slowly and without turning try to do the same without a dancing partner. After only about 10 minutes the teacher will demonstrate the turning technique. This will then be practiced individually and only making quarter turns. As soon as this is understood we will increase the turns to half-turns and practice this individually which will allow each person to move along the dance floor. Once this is well done the teacher shows the proper dance position with a dancing partner. The couples - always a student of our school with a guest - also take up their dance position. Probably at this point 4 couples of our Waltz Formation and assistants will perform a little Waltz show.

As soon as the dance position is clearly understood the couples will start all the steps they previously learned individually. This time doing the steps together will be easier because of the fact that our students will help each individual.

Historical and up to date information on the development of the Viennese Ball Tradition, Viennese Waltz and Viennese Etiquette will be presented in between these exercises to allow the participants to rest a bit.

Of course the most important objective of everything we do is to make this event a very enjoyable and unique experience with lots of fun and some little successes."